Why is EMS Ambulance Driver Training Important?

Ambulances are an essential requirement in any emergency especially as it involves transporting patients who might be critically ill or injured in a timely manner to healthcare facilities or hospitals.…

How to Identify the Right Type of Ambulance for You?

Ambulances are vehicles that are equipped to transport patients to healthcare facilities while providing emergency medical treatment if necessary. Ambulances usually respond to medical emergency calls or to transfer patients…

How To Maintain Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators are widely aiding people mildly affected by COVID-19. They have not only enabled recovery in home isolation but also reduced pressure on the medical facilities. So how does…

Safer Clinics & Isolation Rooms At Schools

AS PER MINISTRY OF HEALTH PROTOCOL PPE for staff Furniture and consumables inventory as per schools’ clinic / isolation room list Medical cabinet Communications equipment Automated doors Daily and scheduled…

Safer Reception Areas At Schools

Maintaining a safe reception area in schools means to ensure everyone knows the importance of safe practices and follows them. Actions include: Education on all aspects of safety and processes via video, posters and other

Safer Parking & Security At Schools

Parking and security areas have to be carefully managed to ensure there is no scope for transmission between vehicles and people. WITHIN THE SCHOOL 1. Vehicle sanitization services (optional) 2.…


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