As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives, Heal Middle East is dedicated to providing life-saving medical equipment supplies to you safely and fast. Our global network of medical equipment distributors makes it easy to source and supply necessary Covid Care items such as oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, hospital medical furniture, ​and other necessary medical consumables.

oxygen concentrators


  • A medical device meant for home care patients
  • Device to filter atmospheric air to 93% pure oxygen
  • Runs on electricity and is built to produce pure oxygen continuously.
  • Comes mainly in 2 types – 5 litres and 10 litres per minute flow. ie, 5 litres – means there is an output of 5 litres of pure oxygen per minute
  • Standard accessories include a humidifier, nasal cannula or oxygen mask, and tubing.
  • Filters can be removed, washed, and inserted back every few weeks/months.
  • These are designed to withstand wear and tear, professional maintenance is not required.


  • Specific cylinders for medical oxygen. Usually marked with UN codes for combustible gases.
  • Multiple sizes – 10L, 16L, 40L, and higher
  • There is an Aluminum and Steel cylinder. AL is mainly used for home use and portable (as light weight)
  • The majority of cylinders are made of steel and these are mainly used in the hospital environment.
  • Need to get a regulator separately. A regulator manages the flow of the oxygen from the cylinder to the patient. Normally comes with a humidifier bottle and mask, as a kit.
  • Make sure the regulator and cylinder have the same connection point, else it will not be compatible.
oxygen cylinder
hospital bed


  • There are multiple types, but most of them come as 2-fold or 3-fold.
  • The adjustable fold in the bed, helps the patient to rest while lifting the upper or lower body.
  • The medical beds come as manual or automatic (with remote). If manual there are cranks, to lift the bed fold, and if automatic this function is completed using the remote control.
  • Comes with a mattress – half layer PU foam, half layer palm fiber sheet, the cover is waterproof polyester cloth with PVC lining


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