A key difference between HEAL Middle East and other providers of healthcare supplies is our ability to clearly identify what our clients need. Such definitions through consultation ensure that the products or solutions you invest in, meet or exceed the requirements of the users. The experience of our staff in relief, emergency, mobility, and pandemic situations is invaluable and can help you save time and cost without compromising on quality. HEAL ME Bespoke, a subset of HEAL Middle East brings you customized mobility solutions and other turnkey consultation solutions as per your needs and requirements.

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For many clients, an ambulance is just another vehicle specially fitted with life-sustaining equipment. We think differently. For us, an ambulance is a critical mobile space that should ensure the safety of Emergency Management Service providers and their patients. That is why our ambulances are built thoughtfully from scratch, keeping in mind the specific needs of the client. To do this we work closely with healthcare professionals, safety engineers, regulatory bodies, and ambulance manufacturers. From chassis selection to design specifications, we ensure that our ambulances are created to standards that are based on sound research, data, and safety testing.



Building a hospital or healthcare centre from scratch requires architectural guidelines knowledge that varies depending on which country you are in. Also, the right equipment and resources are also key factors in ensuring that you can provide services optimally. Furthermore, a good healthcare facility requires a good Health Management Information System (HMIS) that supports planning, management, and decision-making at your centre. Our experience in such areas together with qualified implementers can help you save cost and increase quality tremendously.

Praveen Nair | Chief Visionary Officer

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