How To Maintain Oxygen Concentrators?

How To Maintain Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators are widely aiding people mildly affected by COVID-19. They have not only enabled recovery in home isolation but also reduced pressure on the medical facilities.

So how does an Oxygen concentrator work?

A miraculous medical device that aids the patient in breathing easily, an oxygen concentrator works by pulling in air from the ambient environment and filtering it. The filtered oxygen is then given to the patient through a cannula.

Quite like any other machine, oxygen concentrators also undergo wear and tear over a period of usage. Routine maintenance can ensure that the unit works efficiently all the time.

Here are a few tips for the upkeep of oxygen concentrators:

  1. Use voltage stabilizer – if there are frequent power cuts, when surge in power when it returns could sometimes damage oxygen concentrators, unless you have a stabilizer at home.
  2. Keep the unit near a window (2-3mtr), so that it has uninterrupted access to ambient air. Also this is a must to ensure the nitrogen being emitted out is removed from the room.
  3. Place unit in a clean environment. Dust will choke the unit quickly. Some units have external dust filter. If this is not cleaned regularly, it may choke the unit. So remove the filter, wash and dry it thoroughly weekly, and replace it in the unit.
  4. Make sure clean drinking water is used in the humidifier. Every couple of days, remove the humidifier bottle and clean it on the inside.
  5. The unit is designed to run continuously, however, at times it tends to heat up after several hours of use. This may happen after 5-7 hours of usage. In that case, switch off the unit for 30-45mins and restart to continue functioning normally. During this period of stoppage, you may replace the oxygen therapy to an oxygen cylinder if available.
  6. Make sure water or other liquids do not spill on top of the unit. If you need to clean the machine, use a mild cleaning solution on a cloth, to wipe the surface clean.

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