Key areas of focus while building and setting up your healthcare facility

The healthcare system has become more global and simpler because of efforts to improve supply chain efficiencies. Hospitals and other healthcare providers are now dependent on flexible global supply chains that are susceptible to crises like Covid-19. 

The pandemic highlighted the devastating human and financial costs of these imbalances, including rising costs and widespread shortages of essential medical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as the difficulties faced by healthcare facilities in safeguarding their staff and patients.

Being a significant part of the government’s commitment, the healthcare industry in the Middle East and Africa has had high awareness growth over time. Here are a few key points that should be taken care of while building or setting up a healthcare unit.

  1. Establishing facilities management department
    This department oversees the operation, maintenance, and general security of healthcare facilities. This includes anything from managing significant construction projects and ensuring government compliance to routine cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep.
  2. Providing a High-Quality Care Environment
    Providing a secure and dependable Environment of Care (EoC) for patients is the primary objective of any healthcare facility. This refers to any hospital or medical facility where patients are treated, whether it be in an inpatient or outpatient setting. EoC is integral in providing staff members and patients with a secure and effective environment.
  3. Prevention-Based Repairing
    For any team, maintaining a hospital is a difficult job, especially if present practices are based on a reactive maintenance policy.
    Establishing preventive maintenance procedures help the team manage routine maintenance before problems arise. This lowers the volume of requests they receive, increases the lifespan of their assets, and ensures that equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Other outcomes include decreased downtime for the equipment, prolonged equipment life, and more robust staff and patient safety.
  4. Ensuring efficient security
    Security remains to be a top priority for the healthcare sector as a whole. This may include robust access management to different facilities within the hospital premises. Real-time visual recording, heat maps, and foot movement for active surveillance. Ensuring equipment safety by upholding the confidentiality and integrity of data, especially patient information and electronic medical records.

Healthcare facility management is still essential to giving patients the best care possible. Heal Middle East provides healthcare consultancy that can help you redesign your practice and improve the patient experience by utilising the best technological advancements and the smartest advisors.

Healthcare providers can hire consulting companies to help with organizational competency improvements, including healthcare supplies to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other facilities. For more details on building and setting up your healthcare facility in the UAE and Africa, contact us directly.


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