At Heal ME Mobility, we try to bring you the best-customized Mobility Solutions. Our Mobility Solutions are not just limited to sourcing and customizing ambulances for various needs, but also designing and manufacturing mobile clinics and container clinics. Our experienced staff can not only advise you on the best product that meets your requirements but also save time and cost without compromising on the quality. By working closely with healthcare professionals, safety engineers, regulatory bodies, and ambulance manufacturers we can help you design and manufacture the best medical mobility solution.


Mobile Ambulance


Heal ME Mobility can assist you in producing Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV mini ambulances under specifications KKK-A-1822 and GCC specifications custom built to your needs and requirements. We take care of the entire manufacturing process such as design, fabrication of module and cabinets, paint, upholstery, electrical, and finishing. Get in touch with us to identify what type of ambulance meets your need at the best cost.


Mobile clinics are healthcare facilities fabricated in a vehicle that can be used to provide examination, consultation, and prescription to outpatients among other activities by healthcare professionals in areas that have little to no access to a proper clinic or hospital. Mobile clinics are the best options for providing medical care and treatment to vulnerable groups or individuals living in isolated areas and also launch awareness campaigns. Heal ME Mobility can help you design, fabricate modules and cabinets, paint, upholster the interiors, and provide complete electrical and finishing inside mobile clinics that meet the regulations and specifications.

Mobile Ambulance
container clinic large


Container clinics are either temporary, permanent, or mobile clinic structures made using shipping containers so that they can be easily deployed to remote regions of the world. These are ideal for regions where it might not be practical to construct a clinic. Shipping containers are used as they are structurally very strong and can be easily sourced at a low cost. As container clinics are manufactured elsewhere and dropped off in the necessary location, it is possible to have pop-up clinics operational within days. Heal ME Mobility can help you design and manufacture the best container clinics that are best suited for your specifications at low costs.



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