Most Common Healthcare Furniture Needs and How to Solve Them

When equipping a healthcare facility, Quality care delivery continues to challenge healthcare leaders. Not only does the furniture need to be commercial quality, but it also needs to go far above and beyond what you would buy for a typical business. 

Hospital facilities managers need to consider many factors when selecting and utilizing medical furniture. Ergonomics, bariatrics, cleanability and aesthetics are among the key variables to evaluate, but so is creating a family-friendly environment for patients and visitors. The latest furniture designs also need to accommodate smartphones and related communication technologies.


1. Hospital Chairs 

Seating placements for all healthcare workers is crucial as it plays a vital role in the hospital. A few types of chairs used for medical purposes are: 


Patient chairs

Dental chairs

Stretcher chairs

Gynecologist chairs

2. Hospital tables

The different types of tables that help with different situations and are used both in clinics and hospitals are: 

  • Bedside table- H- shaped; U- shaped
  • Delivery table 
  • Examination table 
  • Operational table 
  • Overbed table 

3. Hospital beds

The hospital beds should be made from good high-quality material to make them durable and long-lasting. 

Examples of the beds used in a hospital or clinic are- 

  • ICU bed
  • Pediatric bed
  • Ward plain bed
  • Semi fowler bed
  • Electric beds

4. Hospital trolleys

The trolleys are used for the mobility of equipment and hospital supplies. The different types of trolleys used in the hospitals are: 

  • Stretcher trolley
  • Monitor and Dressing trolley
  • Emergency casualty trolley
  • Food trolleys 

Other types of hospital furniture include –

  • Bedside screen 
  • Lockers 
  • Baby furniture

How to choose the right hospital furniture in UAE? 

  1. Using the right medical hospital suppliers in UAE

Heal Middle East currently guides companies with all healthcare furniture needs. We also provide customization as per requirement.

  • Standardized list

The list should be made for the standard and best quality vendors for hospital furniture to save time and effort, providing you with the best medical furniture for the long term. 

  • Comfort of Patients

Hospital furniture should be comfortable. For example, the chairs should have a proper armrest, adjustable heights, and headrest to provide comfort and support. 

  • Durable furniture

Medical furniture to be made to last. The furniture needs to be made of material that can be easily disinfected, easy to clean and protected from stains and scratches. 


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