The advantage of solar panels and solar power in Healthcare facilities

The healthcare sector is growing significantly year over year and will develop much more in the coming years. Solar energy can help provide financial and operational efficiency to hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

Considering that the healthcare system mainly relies on high-powered equipment like ventilators, CT scanners, etc., solar panels in hospitals can significantly reduce electricity spending. Additionally, a significant amount of electricity is used for various utilities, adding to the overall expenses and electricity bills.

Whatever systems hospitals or healthcare facilities may require, the most efficient way to ensure consistent, clean electricity is to have a dependable, long-term, renewable power-generating plant installed, operated, and ideally positioned inside the hospital’s property.

Here are some of the advantages of installing solar panels and solar power in healthcare facilities:

  1. Saving money:
    Hospitals have enormous energy costs. They can dramatically lower their energy expenditures by generating solar energy.
  2. Reliability:
    Solar energy systems are more dependable than grid-based electricity, which might experience power outages and load shedding. Hospitals can use solar energy in certain circumstances to replace grid electricity.
  3. Low Repair:
    Other than thorough cleaning once every two weeks, solar-powered systems require very little maintenance.
  4. Durable:
    Any solar power plant has a 25-year lifespan on average. The technology will serve as a barrier to rate increases for this entire time frame.
  5. Lowers Carbon Footprint:
    The healthcare sector contributes significantly to global warming by emitting massive amounts of greenhouse gases. Firms can reduce these emissions by converting to a clean energy source.

How are hospitals using Solar Power?

When transitioning to solar energy, hospitals have a choice between three installation types:

  1. Rooftop Solar-
    With this kind of system, medical facilities like hospitals and clinics can add solar panels to their roofs. The single necessity is a shadow-free roof surface large enough to contain the units. Rooftop solar systems have already been installed at numerous hospitals across the world.
  2. Ground-mounted Solar –
    Hospitals with access to a sizable, shadow-free land area can use it to install a solar power system.
  3. An integrated solar roof system-
    Solar technology has progressed recently. Users can now choose to install integrated solar roofing, in which the solar panels serve as the roof covering.

To compete effectively and expand significance and reach, it is advised for healthcare facilities to regularly study the environment and develop plans accordingly. A healthcare consultancy can assist healthcare providers in tackling the difficulties faced in the field.

At Heal Middle East, wee team up with industry leaders to provide you with a trustworthy, cost-effective, and competent advise on healthcare consultancy and other necessities. For more details on use of solar panels and solar power in healthcare facilities in the UAE and Africa, contact us directly.


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