What are the different types of hospital beds?

Healthcare facilities are incomplete without hospital beds. While over the years versatile beds have come into practice, choosing the type that best suits your needs is important. There are electric, semi-electric, fully-electric, and several other types of beds available to fulfil the specific needs of your hospital or clinic.

Different types of hospital beds can be broadly classified as electric, manual, orthopaedic, paediatric, examination room beds, beds for elder nursing, rehabilitation, supporting facility and medical trolleys.

One of the most advanced bed types in the current era is the electric bed. Most multispecialty hospitals house these beds. They are available in semi-electric and fully-electric variants. Semi-electric beds use electric and manual adjustments, with the head and foot sections generally operated electrically while the height is adjusted using a manual crank. On a fully electric hospital bed height, head, and feet adjustments are made with the push of a button. Some adjustable fully electric beds can also take the patient from lying down to standing up for easy transfers.

Electric beds provide the following benefits:


Fully electric beds can vary from three to five functions to help position the patients and move them as required with maximum comfort. The backrest and leg rest can be adjusted to provide maximum support. These beds also provide Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning wherein patients can be laying flat on back with feet or head on a 15-30 degrees incline.


These beds are made of plastic and are sturdy. They can function well to support a load of up to 240 kilograms.


Fully electric beds are equipped with a central caster locking system to restrict unwanted rolling of the bed. It allows the staff complete control of the movement of the bed as it helps secure all wheels with just one brake pedal. These beds are also fitted with adjustable side rails to secure the patient.

Convenient movement control

Fully electric beds are also fitted with a hand controller for adjusting the patient position conveniently and effortlessly

Although electric beds are comparatively more expensive than traditional or manual beds, their benefits make them a valuable investment. Heal Middle East is one of the leading medical equipment suppliers of medical consumables, furniture, and healthcare technology in the UAE.

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