Main Equipment Fitted in an Ambulance

What are The Main Equipment Fitted in an Ambulance?

Technological innovations in the field of medicine have made it possible to make life-saving facilities available on the move. Ambulances in this day and age come fitted with everything that can provide 24/7 assistance for trauma related and other medical emergencies. 

Ambulance services are usually adequately equipped with facilities that paramedical professionals need.  

Here are some of the main equipment fitted in an ambulance: 

Medical Stretcher

It is the main wheeled transporter. The stretcher is mounted on the floor with a rail and a locking system. The cot is built on strong and durable tubular aluminum construction adjustable to six height levels. It has an adjustable backrest and patient restraints to ensure maximum safety during transport. 

Foldable Stretcher 

Aluminum alloy folding stretcher that helps carry patients up to the ambulance unit. 

Cervical Collar 

It helps immobilize and align the patient’s head, neck and spine in the normal anatomical position. It helps prevent additional injuries or aggravation of injuries during the transport and extrication. 

Central Oxygen System

2 oxygen cylinders of 10 liters’ capacity provide regulated oxygen supply for patient resuscitation and stabilization. It comes fitted with a regulator and wall mounted quick release flow meter. 

First Aid Kit 

Every ambulance has a first aid kit to help clean, sterilize and secure wounds in case or accidents. 


Maintaining optimal blood pressure is essential for reducing trauma and ensuring patient stability. All ambulances come equipped with sphygmomanometer to measure patient’s blood pressure.  

Waste Disposal 

A medical sharp container is placed at the action area and beside the attendant seat. 

Soap dispenser, stethoscope, side-pack rest, IV hooks, syringes, doctor light, suction machine are few other facilities in the ambulance that enable doctors and paramedical professionals to ensure sterilization and patient stability.  

Considering that most of the medical equipment in the ambulance need uninterrupted electrical supply, the 12v medical sockets in action area and inverter are essential fittings in the unit.  

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