Why are energy audits essential/helpful for healthcare facilities?

Modern medical facilities are enabled by energy. Whether it is a large-scale multispecialty hospital or a small to medium-scale nursing home, patients need round-the-clock care and life-saving equipment needs a constant power supply. While most commercial complexes limit usage after hours to be energy efficient, healthcare facilities do not have after-hours. Hospitals and other medical facilities can reduce operational costs by becoming energy efficient. Energy audits can help hospitals identify and address areas of inefficiency and waste.

Here are four ways how energy audits benefit healthcare facilities:

Reduce energy consumption:

Energy audits involve surveys and analysis on how a healthcare facility is using energy and help identify where the energy is being wasted. All factors including lighting, heating, water usage, air-conditioning, medical equipment and electrical devices are taken into consideration. It helps create optimal operations plan to address the areas of energy wastage and reduce energy consumption.

Reduce energy costs:

Conserving energy results in financial benefits. Energy audits highlight the energy expenses that may otherwise go unnoticed. By analysing consumption, hospitals can create budgets and consumption targets and strategically switch to energy-saving equipment and technological upgrades.

Managing carbon emissions:

Energy audits are not limited to analysis of energy consumption but also encompass setting energy consumption targets leading to a net zero. Hospitals can devise ways to reduce energy wastage and achieve energy consumption targets and reduce their carbon footprint. Taking small steps like switching to LED lights can be a huge leap forward in reducing carbon emissions.

Complying with energy saving regulations:

All facilities must undergo energy audits every two or three years to achieve energy efficiency and expenditure. Through analysis and reporting, audits can help comply with the greenhouse emission index (GEI) and criteria of ABGR star ratings.

Energy audits can help healthcare establishments manage their energy consumption without compromising the operational efficiency of their facilities and equipment. Heal Middle East specializes in conducting all phases of energy audits from investigation to reporting. Our team partners with you to perform a comprehensive site assessment and energy and cost analysis based on the assessment to prepare a report that can help you start your journey towards energy efficiency. For queries about Heal Middle East Consultancy and energy audit services, reach out to us at +97150 909 5440 or contact@halmiddleeast.com

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